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Very sorry for the late news post guys. I posted a news article slightly over a week ago on Mod DB and it mysteriously vanished completely while waiting for official authorization. Not sure why. Anyway, here it is! Yay! And this week I've got good and bad news to report.

Bad news is always fun to get out of the way first, so here it goes. Progress on the coding side is much, much slower than expected. Yixx hasn't finished the character creation system yet still which is mainly due to his new PC suffering from an expensive hardware damage issue. Because he cannot afford fixing the computer at this time, his work will remain slowed for a couple reasons.

  • Losing interest in WarCraft III modding.
  • His PC is very slow, therefore results come slower.
  • The lack of interest in modding and lack of speed of his PC is contributing to his lack of will to even get on the computer at all, making 'hanging out' a much better option for him.
  • Other life-related issues.

More bad news is that Yixx will be leaving the team as soon as his character creation system is complete, along with leaving WarCraft III modding altogether! Another great loss for this project... and to finish off today's bad news report, I haven't been terraining Wc3:WoW at all lately and have been focusing on another project instead to keep me interested in WarCraft III modding.

Now it's time for good news! I have a three day weekend now and plan on working on terrain for both Wc3:WoW and my other project. I know you guys would probably prefer I focus completely on Wc3:WoW, but as much as I'd like to, the reality of the fact is that I will get bored after a few hours or a day and will want to work on something else. Regardless, it's promised progress. That's better than no progress at all!

Another plus side to this week's report is that PurgeandFire111, dedicated coder of my other RPG project for WarCraft III "Ardent Heroes," may implement a keyboard movement and camera adjustment system to the project after the Character Creation system is done, that way the mod is somewhat playable and closed playtesting may begin.

With the loss of Yixx coming up, I'm looking for another dedicated coder to replace Yixx. PurgeandFire cannot do it because he has very little interest in Wc3:WoW and wishes to remain on the current project he is assigned to. I am doing yet another search for JASS coders only for the project and would greatly appreciate anyone seriously interested in taking up the opportunity now.

Thanks and hope to report some more good news this weekend!

Arxae - - 718 comments

This project seems to be cursed O_O nonetheless :D hope some good news comes your way soon :D ASAP even ^w^

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Craka_J Author
Craka_J - - 616 comments

Lol, yes it does. Thank you for the support though.

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Hawkwing - - 42 comments

There's always bad news, huh? :P

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EagleWulf - - 197 comments

:( kep it up guys!

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lol1234 - - 1,765 comments

u better finish this mod :< i RLLY wanna play it :D

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Craka_J Author
Craka_J - - 616 comments

We're working on it! Hopefully there will be some sort of BETA release (not full) this summer! But one can only hope.

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