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The Beta is still running, thanks to everyone who has played so far! Grab a key if you haven't already and tell us what you think! We also talk a bit about our Beta and Early access experience.

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Hey everyone!

Our Beta will end soon, now is the last chance to grab a Key, give us feedback and play before launch!

SYNTHETIK is an unforgiving shooter rogue-lite set in a world overrun by machines. Battle from floor to floor, defeating an array of robotic forces using powerful weapons, upgrades and quick reflexes. Can you defeat the Heart of Armageddon?


So far the Beta has helped us a lot. Many bugs and crashes have been found and fixed, a lot of things have seen changes and iteration, we got great feedback and the release pressure is showing its fruits.

300 People even completed our survey and we got extremely positive results. People are also taking the new mechanics far better than we expected, at some point we thought many people would be alienated by the initially steep learning curve but not at all and the added depth paid off! Yay!

At first we were not sure if a Beta test would be any helpful for the release but the closed Beta (and our super low Key Beta/First Access months) seems really invaluable in retrospect. Without the Beta, the release would probably have way too many hidden bugs left, which only a certain amount of people can easily find, a lot of important QOL and balancing changes would not have existed, and we would have missed most of our visibility. We also gathered great supporters and a lot of dialog has been made for which we are very grateful.

If you are thinking about holding a Beta test or even a low key Early access phase, we would fully recommend it based on our experience, it really did a lot for us.

S7 600

There is still time to join on in and play! The game will release the 15 March on Steam and there are still things to change and feedback to work on, so join us on the ride!

To get a Steam Beta key, just enter the website and we'll send you one;

See you Android! - Eric & Alex

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