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Lamp of the valar; a resource building for the rts mod "War of the Valar".

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This model is still being worked on, seeing as its texture is not currently complete.

Lamp of the Valar

This structure is called the lamp of the valar. It is symbolic of the 2 lamps that varda created in beginning of arda. The eldar will pocess control of this structure, and will use it as their resource building. This is a weekly update to show mod activity, and give the viewers some insite on the factions :)


since there were only two made then you should be able to only build two but they would produce a much larger amount of money then anything else a other resource buildig that you could build but have many of them is The Gardens of Lòrien but they can only be buit when you have the vala Irmo or the vala irmo has ability's that enhance the overall resource pruoduction of the gardens

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