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Where are further updates? and whats up with this project?

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I know I have not been informing any updates. Its just some personal errands I have to complete before I can return to development of this mod. So, yes its currently on hold (but not dead, nor it will be).

For now I will just take time out to reveal some future plans, which have poped up many times in comments regarding "Vehicles and no of units"

As eager as gaming community is to try out new mods, I am one of you and thus I know frustration of seeing a mod long in development and not being able to test it out. So, for starters.. we plan to roll out the first playable version with all standard 9 classes.

but that will not be the end of it all. TF2 themed vehicles ARE planned. yes something that you dont get to do in actually TF2 will be available in Fortress Craft. Moreover there will be even more units than 9. TF2 community is great and they make wonderful ideas which is not possible always in real TF2.. but this one being a community project... will take good ideas from all over and try to test them out in this game. So, take a look at the thumbnail preview picture of this blog post and take a hint ;)

Thats all I have to say for now. And hope your wait and understanding is worth the wait. <3 PC community!

zck2020 - - 354 comments

Hmmm, I don't really like the idea of adding new units/characters. How about making different variations of character? Or you could add in characters from the comics.

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WackyNinja - - 77 comments


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darrenw1 - - 3 comments

I could see vehicles working, so long as you just kept the 9 base characters and suited the vehicles around their personalities (Sherman tank for Soldier, vintage 40's ambulance for Medic, pickup truck for Engi) and then gave them class-specific bonuses (Such as the ambulance healing/reviving nearby units, Pickup truck possibly working as a mobile dispenser, etc.). Once you deviate from the original 9 by adding brand new characters and personalities, it stops being tf2.

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