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There are a lot of questions, but not enough answers. Kwaidan is here to create a dark story about the man who was there when the darkness created and nightmares began. Hold onto your sanity, because it's your only protection.

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There are lots of questions in my mind. What's going on is one of them. Where am I is another. How did I get here? I'm not sure. All these questions aside, as I wake up, I ask another question. Why is it so dark?


Kwaidan is a story to begin the madness. You'll get into a world of darkness and many questions will arise. Some will be answered, some not. One thing is certain though. You won't like anything you see or hear. Maybe it's better to not know.
This short story can be considered as an indirect prologue to A Story of Madness. Release date is very close. Development is almost complete and I hope it'll be a very interesting ride for players. Puzzles are the main feature of the mod. There will be some secrets to be revealed here. If this sounds good, join the ride.
Voice actors will be needed soon. If you have any questions about the mod feel free to ask. Take care until next time.

Kwaidan Kwaidan
Henley - - 1,973 comments

Sure are dark screenshots.

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Jokerme Author
Jokerme - - 1,170 comments

You'll still be able see what you need to see :)

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ptc5010 - - 334 comments

Glad to see you're easing yourself back into the modding world. Can't wait.

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corigami - - 137 comments

You should be designing your maps to look dark, not be dark. In their current state it's hard to see anything without straining your eyes and would be painful to play.

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jjawinte - - 5,067 comments

A well stated valid critique.

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Jokerme Author
Jokerme - - 1,170 comments

No worries. It's because of screenshots, game will explain itself pretty well. Everything you see is intentional.

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Lopper - - 1,559 comments

I <3 dark :)

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Good luck! Screenshots are looking good, and I think the lighting is pretty realistic. They have a special look to them, too. Night is dark and lights can be beacons in the darkness. As long as not every scene looks like this, and if I can see what I need to to progress, it's fine.

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Jokerme Author
Jokerme - - 1,170 comments

I think there is a small misunderstanding. ASoM is still on hold. I'm releasing a new mod called Kwaidan. Here: It is an indirect prologue to ASoM. Something short.

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