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Finally after a long break I managed to release the new version of Kroniax! With some new features such as Mutliplayer, Chatsystem, more Scripts and much more!

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Here is a list of the changes from version 0.8 :

  • Brand new Arcade Levels(7Levels + 2Tutorials)
  • Mutliplayer mode
  • ->Try to get the best time and compare you time with other players
  • ->Now you see the other players driving through the level with you! Be prepared for some epix races
  • ->Chatsystem to communicate with other players, talk about routes through the levels or just do smaltalk
  • ->Up to 20Players per Player-Room
  • ->Crossplattform! (Windows, Linux, Mac, "Android soon")
  • Added a lot of new option, for example fullscreen mode!
  • And infinite amout of colors are possible for each level!
  • Levels can now scroll down on the y-axis to make different routes through levels possible!
  • A lot of new Scripts: Checkpoints, Camera zooming/rotating!
  • Several Bugfixes

Get the new version for Windows here for Linux and Mac you have to compile the source yourself. Clone the repo or download the source from here

I hope you enjoy the game ;)


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