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Was this mod worth all the waiting? maybe, maybe not, Kotf feels like it has a lot of unfinished content,but also has a lot of finished, if not outdated, models

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Knights of the force review

Kotf (knights of the force) is a really good mod for Star wars Jedi knight jedi
academy, it has almost all the heroes of the films (and some unusual
characters) like Jar Jar or C-3PO, I must say to the creater of this mod, well
done! this is certainly a well done mod. If you do decide to download it, and
your anti virus protection says it contains a virus , ignore it, it says there
is a virus because of some methods the creater used in his mod.

The mod contains multiplayer support allowing you to use all the character in
multiplayer, a pretty neat feature i found was that you can use the characters
in campaign (singleplayer), however there were problems to this as some characters
did not have heal (most sith) or some basic ones (dooku doesn't have force
sense, for example)

In the main menu there are several panels, these include Help and
options,multiplayer, and singleplayer.

Help and options - Inside you will find 3 more panels, help center,
updates, and new options, help center leads up to another part where the
available help is the KOTF web page , the KOTF forums, the developer
(information on the developer) credits and tips and tricks.

new options leads to an area where you choose the new options, you can choose
the language ( out of English,Turkish,German,Spanish,French and Portugues.)
choose show blood (only works for melee weapons that aren't lightsabers. you
can choose dismemberment , turn the red glow on force choke off , same with the
blue and green of force protect and force absorb respectably

Kotf updates lead to info on the latest updates

- This lets you choose from 5 options , of which only two
are working in the latest edition, since they are the only ones working , i'll
only mention them.

Kotf jedi academy - this is normal jedi academy , when with other players you
have to use default skins , but against a computer any model can be used (
default or Kotf)

Dedicated server - a dedicated server , for any who don't know what this is,
its for people who have kotf, meaning against players you'll be able to use
your kotf models, you can turn vehicle support on or off, choose settings, and
choose between LAN ( Local area network) and internet

- This brings up 3 panels, you can choose knights of the
force ( more on this mode later) select mission or NPC add/remove

Select mission - knights of the force comes with a set of missions for each
film, at the time of writing , most of these missions are incomplete, but some
are playable,each mission will allow you to play as one of several characters
(for example in film 1 level 1 ,you will be able to choose between qui-gon,obi
wan or a droideka)

NPC add/remove - KOTF comes with a menu screen that can be activated in game by
pressing 'K' The options on this are Change character ( that right, you can
change your Character anytime in single player) change weapon ( another awsome
option, choose which weapons you want to take with you, editable at any time)
change weapon also allows you to change your lightsaber, letting you choose
between double, single or dual wield lightsabers at anytime, it works for
almost any character, so now you can make a Jawa Jedi, or a Hutt one, there is
also another option called add NPC, now,there is alot to that option so it gets
its own paragraph.

Add NPC- you will notice there is a load map option as well, all of these maps
are empty, they are only there for you to play around with , theres the default
multiplayer maps ,along with the ones released by raven (makers of Jedi Knight
3) later on, there is also all the film locations, Mustafar, invisable hand
(grevious flagship, Malelovance got destroyed) and even a coruscant bar, The
add NPC menu lets you,well,back at the main menu, NPC add/remove, you can add (
well, its a bit mad, somtimes you can add about 15, somtimes you can add 40)
anyways, in game this allows you to spawn these NPC's as either enemies ( spice
up the level a bit) or Allies (help you out on a tough level) however, at the
bottom there are two options which say light and dark side, These decide which
enemies attack you ( turn darkside on a hard level and the enemies won't attack
you) its a little confusing, EPII clones are light side , But EPIII and other clones
are darkside. when adding models, you will notice you can spawn any defualt
model, and you can choose an option that says game pause, this means all non
player characters will instantly stop , allowing you to set up massive battles.
on the empty maps just set up some models and let the fun begin.

now, i hear you say that Movie battles two is better, thats your opinion,
maybe it is better, maybe not, but with KOTF Add NPC option you can create
movie battles

Final comments - A really good mod, the Large numbers of new saber hilts ( from
every character you can play as who wields a lightsaber) the legions of the
characters, and the fact you can edit characters ( yoda with double sabers FTW)
The downsides are that In cutscenes and multiplayer Yoda and the Ewok are Huge,
so tall that playing against a magna guard just looks daft, because Yoda is too
damn big, Also the fact that when you press F12 you rarely get confirmation
that it has quicksaved, even though it has quicksaved, i feel a little unsure
without confirmation

So anyways , if it sounds interesting give it a download , its a long one , but
worth the wait.

Copy and paste this, or just type Kotf into google


A good mod with loads of content, sadly loses marks due to the large number of
incomplete levels

PS. Sorry if i Spelt Portugues wrong

Reviewed by Buffaloomen - Mod made by Osman GÜNYAZ (Tim)

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