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Here it is, our new Modding group, this time with added vitamins and more ;)
Prepare for awesome releases soon, we have a team, with the best people you can find.
Hopefully all will work as planned, we have enough testers but we are open for talents.
With talent, I mean not just coding a car drive from A to B, no, you must be able to do something special & useful, like a maths part in a cleo file.


Wouldn't it be easyier to join one of the many other KNIGHT "something" mod groups

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Roflcake Author

Not for me, I dont like the other teams, they just want to rob us out of our work and use us to do their sh*t. And when they have what they want they just kick us like they did with Knightbob.

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Well Roflcake sometimes think no say somethings you don't know i never can do it i'm a good person no a bad person.

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