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Thanks to Game Maker: Studio, the quality in "Kitty" has improved a great deal! Support for other platforms beside Windows is now a possibility too!

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It has been a long time since I last updated this page, I am truly sorry about that! I was very busy with all sort of things this year (I graduated college though! Hooray!!). Thanks for all the fans that still follow the development of this game after all these years!! I am no longer as busy as I was before, so you'll be pleased to know that I have way more free time to work on "Kitty" now! I am making incredible progress on it!!

So, lets get to the updates! The first thing that I am very happy to announce is that "Kitty" is now officially being developed on Game Maker: Studio! It took a very long time (a chunk of the summer) to transfer and recode all of my work from Game Maker 8 (what I was previously using) to Game Maker: Studio, but it was all worth it. Not only did the game performance of "Kitty" increase a great deal, but there is now a possibility of "Kitty" being supported on other platforms once its released (IOS, Android, Mac)!! Game Maker: Studio also allows me to work more efficiently so development speed has also increased! I am so glad I made the switch!

The next update is in regards to the art style and graphics, I updated them a great deal. During the time that I was making the transfer to GMS, I decided that it would also be appropriate to up the ante in the graphics and polish them up a bit (since I was also polishing the engine of the game and better organizing the codes and such). It was through this process that I became consciously aware that some graphics in the game just didn't look good at all, especially the 8-bit sprites. So I did a major graphical overhaul and redid a lot of the graphics on the whole game. It took a VERY long time but it was a major improvement!! So much so that I've actually pulled most of the "Kitty" screenshots from IndieDB because they no longer looked representative of how the game looks now (in case you are wondering why I deleted the old screenshots). But what did I do specifically to the graphics? I decided to put more emphasis on a specific art style.

Originally, my plan was to incorporate both 8-bit retro graphics with photorealistic graphics. It unfortunately however, didn't mesh all that well in the end because there was no true consistency in the art style, it was a cluttered mess. So what I've decided to do, was to just pick one of these graphical styles to put more focus and emphasis on, and I decided I wanted to stick with the photorealistic graphical style and use less of the retro graphics. Don't worry though for those who enjoyed the retro graphics in my screenshots and trailers, they are still very much there (I even added 16-bit in some places)! I am just now more focused in using more of the photorealistic look now because by using these types of graphics, I am able to create a crazy abstract horror painting quality to game now that is more consistent than my previous art style choice from before. Check out the new screenshots to see what the new art style looks like!!! I will say however, it does take a little bit longer to create these photorealistic graphics, but the end result is definitely worth it I think!

I plan on working a ridiculous amount on "Kitty" for the remainder of the year! So wish me luck! At this rate, I should be able to get a tentative release date hopefully soon! Keep an eye out for more updates! And thank you so much for your continued support!!!!

-Danger Deckman

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