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We recently started a Kickstater and there has been an update to the Alpha release. Help us improve our game by testing some more features!

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So far so good. With a goal of $2000, we can complete the game. We fully believe this game can be a success but in order to complete it, we need be able to afford an artist. With the minimum goal, we can obtain original assets for the the game! Thank you for the support.

Alpha Testing Updates

We've been busy with some planning and designing but we just released an update based off the feedback received from the alpha demo. The main issues seemed to be that the old alpha was too slow and the Snake mini-game took too long. We hope we have addressed the issues and released an update. Here are a list of a few things the players should notice in this update:

  • Most typos should be fixed
  • Snake Mini-game should take 1/2 the time to complete
  • More dates! Take the other skeletons on a date now!

More updates to come, thank you for playing and we love to receive some feedback.

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