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Preparation for a collective financing in Kickstarter.

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I apologize for the time that I've been absent in this project.
I've noticed in the great interest that exist in this by the
community and the potential that possesses.

From today me and my team, proceed to a new phase where we will
give our best effort to accelerate this project and convert once
and for all a project of this category for the community.

For this reason we are very motivated to create a presentation
on the Kickstarter platform. But for this, we needs the full
support of the fanatical community of Pokemon, for all those
who dream with a revolutionary video game of this amazing Universe.

We are looking for people that can participate in this project to
"spread the voice" in the community, about the creation of this
amazing game.

In terms of presentation in Kickstarter, we need a sum of money
to achieve a presentation that catches attention.
For this we will use a system of donations via PayPal.

For the presentation we need a audio equipment, has a value $250.

The amount of money that is collected will be constantly informed on
this blog, and what will be spent.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Attentively, CL-GAMEZ.

PayPal Url:


Hm,I am just wondering what will nintendo say about this :)

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You can't do that unfortunately, making money off a concept that's been trademarked can and will get you sued

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Render2 Author

this is not a project for profit, is a fan project.
need the support of the community for its development.

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It would be kind of silly to donate to a game so early in development. Especially since it has shown little progress since it was first announced.

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