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We've been given the green light with kickstarter, and the page is just about ready to launch, but we have decided democratically to be patient.

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Our kickstarter page is ready, has been approved, and launching is only a click away. But it's not that simple -- we need time to create a new gameplay trailer that will showcase the hard work we've been doing with regards to production, we need more testing and our small development team simply can't keep up with the content that's being produced, on top of all that, we'd like to have just a small amount of media coverage before we go live.

This is a communication aimed to anyone with an indie-gaming blog, or anyone who creates online content related to gaming -- contact us and let's have a conversation about how we can craft this product and make as much information as possible available to the public.
We'll continue to release previews of kickstarter content and keep information coming with regards to what will be available, what our goals are and just how we intend to finish our game.

I must emphasise that we are on schedule with the release date, we simply want to reach out to our community and ensure that everything is heading in the right direction before we begin with our primary public information releases, kickstarter, and the beta.

As the lead developer, I feel that this is the right decision and I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in beta testing or the project in general, to help us keep up with our current demands.


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