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New kick starter coming and I show off the new game layout!

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Hello people of Indie DB this is Tom from Openfield and I am here to tell you about what's going on with this mumble jumble of a game called Effervescent. We have (Ethan has) redesigned the game layout from this…

Other Effervecent Layout

To this…

New Effervecent Layout

You like? I like them both! Do you see the NRG bar in the bottom right corner (On the new one)? Well that's your energy that you earn throughout the match were after earning a certain amount of it you can choose a power to boost your game. :D


So soon we may be setting up a kickstarter to pay for dedicated servers for a while (but about $1,600 of the money will go to a new laptop for me). I’ll tell you guys when we start the kickstarter so keep an eye out!


Go check out our website to tell us what you think.


Thanks for reading! xD

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