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That's what the leading team say to each member of the team... the released jobs so far are really... really...really great. I could even say insane, but MrE always heard that enough. Here's the first weekly news for xen... enjoy.

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We're going to give you as much as we can, informations about the mod features, scenario, medias so that you can follow the developpement as i you were in our team.

We will release at least one media from the developpement ; pictures, music, video... whatever, but each week something funky to please you... and if we can, something about the features, so this week we start with the stuffs we put in the gamedesign doc but which have changed since then :

Death and respawn System :

Every player fall on the floor when his life reach 10%. He can still shoot with handguns as long as he isn't killed by a Xenoform or a friendly fire.

If he is finished when he is on the floor, he fell into a coma. (red blurry screen, big breath, heart beating...). He stays definitely here as long as a teammate revive him.

Every character can revive a teammate, there's some differences between the medic class and another class when you revive a player :

  • The medic : gives 60% of the player life, no side effect, just a blurry view for a few secs. Sequence duration to revive a player : between 25secs and 40secs.

  • Any other class : gives 30% of the player life, medium side effect, really blurry view, movement speed slower for a few seconds. Sequence duration to revive a player : between 45secs and 1 min.

In this game mode, to switch class, you'll have to reach a Supply point... That's all for now... just take a look to the Evolved Drone Xenoform here, made by Patrick_B and the experimental marine made by MrE. You'll know soon what they're going to do in game... And umh, I forgot, update your feed software, I changed the name and URL of the website feed.


Holy..... wOOOO ALIENS wooo
man i cant believe i almost missed this, looks like a great mod in the making. I hope it doesnt include predators though.

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Excellent... will be good to see highly detailed version of Giger's concepts and artwork... very cool... "we're all gonna die man! We're all gonna die..."

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Cool :D I really looking forward to this one, please finish it :D

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__MaX__ Author

Predator's are not on the schedule for now... but... Maybe, maybe not. If yes, it's not going to be in the mod before the final release.

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