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Kaiser X will have a wide range of enemies and some of them will have some specific weaknesses that will be necessary to know, for this, I am writing the manual of this proyect

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As i said Kaiser X will have a wide range of demons, robots, and more things, and some monsters will have specific weaknesses that will be necessary to know, for this, the manual of kaiser X will have the following things, Although this could change over time:

-Level: (This will be with letters, very similar to the United States grading system) between more higher level, the more difficult it will be to kill the demon

-Species: This will be the species that the creature is, some species have specific weaknesses, others are simply a matter of lore

Weakness: Self explanatory

Lore: Yep, Kaiser X will have an lore, that although it is not at all necessary to read it to be able to play Kaiser, you can read it so that you understand many more things that happen in this universe such as who is kaiser, or who is the blue knight, remember , your decisions influence

Attacks: Yup, of course, it will give you a brief description of the enemy's attacks, which will be helpful if you don't want to go too blind.

Although for now I only have enemies and lore's writings in spanish, because is my native language, soon I will also do weapons, and other things that may suggest me, I am open to suggestions what can you tell me here, or through my discord user, Gaia74#9555, thanks for reading <3Cyberhellknightlore

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