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Hey guys It's Balkoth, sorry it took so long to update, Ulmonts a little busy so I'm going to be doing the update this time. Not too much, but I thought it's something you guys would like.

Flare: " Ya know...the Mandalorians have GIRLS as soldiers too. Why don't we have anything like that? I'd LOVE to giht side by side with a girl in...tight white armor...yeah... "

Ven "Yeah...I hear ya Flare...but you have to figure those Mando chicks...they're tough man, the regular women 'll slap you, where as those Mando's 'll shoot you. So just because she looks good in her armor, Doesn't mean its a good idea to tell her you want to get her out of it. Just saying"

Pilot: "I can't believe I actually eat with you perverts."

Jai: *Laughs*

Flare: Ven, Just cuause you're too ugly to get a girl doesn't mean you have to rain on my parade.

Ven: We're clones you idiot...

Flare: So? I make it look good.

Basically what happened was Jaicer, who will be voicing Flare, just sorta said this as a joke, and then I couldn't help but respond with a comment of my as of right now it's going to end up as some random in game banter that will probably end up before a mission, or something of the sort.

Not much of an update, but I thought this was something you guys would like to see.

Jaicer - - 17 comments

Haha yeah I didn't even mean to tell you guys about it but I sent it in to hockey to get a 'WTH!?!?!' moment. I decided to tell you so You wouldn't murder me or something for being a dork

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