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JPDS has at long last been finished, after nearly six and a half years in production, having officially started on December 4th, 2004. However, the intended string of levels to be made and released was always far too great to ask of such people that were involved. Unfortunately the better portion of the story has not even made it into the game - see the JPDS Conference Room, to be publically available soon, for the full story behind the game.

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Your name is Tasha and the year is 1998. Your brother Daniel, an ex-InGen employee, has been missing for some time and your search for him has led you to the Island of Isla Sorna off the western coast of Costa Rica. With a bit of persistence and a lot of luck, you have succeeded in procuring transportation to the notorious island. But as the foggy land mass grows larger on the horizon, you begin to wonder if you've gone in over your head...

<<Notes On This Release>>

JPDS has at long last been finished, after nearly six and a half years in production, having officially started on December 4th, 2004. However, the intended string of levels to be made and released was always far too great to ask of such people that were involved. Unfortunately the better portion of the story has not even made it into the game - see the JPDS Conference Room, to be publically available soon, for the full story behind the game. This release includes the first sub-level of what was once named "JPDS1", that being "JPDS Streams". This portion of the game - all that's included in this release - is in completed form and good working order. However, its would-be level-load triggers actually end the game instead. The remaining sub-levels of JPDS1 are in various states of completion but mostly-functional form.

<<System Requirements>>

Dreamworks Interactive's Trespasser, the engine this game is based on, was released in 1998 and barely performed with decent FPS on the best computers of the day. That was a long time ago and the retail game plays perfectly well on modern computers, but JPDS has pushed this engine to its limits and as such may give trouble to some modern computers. In the best case, you'll be able to play with high draw-distance, quality, and resolution. If not, there are multiple ways to improve performance including:
*Lower Draw Distance
*Lower Quality (change through main menu only!)
*Lower Resolution

Note that lower Quality levels will remove some non-essential objects from the game in an attempt to boost performance. Find the highest settings that your computer can comfortably manage, adjust them as needed in different areas, save your game often, and have fun!


Simply extract the entire JPDS folder into the directory you wish to play it from. The latest version of Big Red's ATX2 has been used, so there is no CD verification required, however (((IMPORTANT))) you will need to copy and paste the original audio files from Retail (build 116) Trespasser - Stream.tpa, ambient.tpa, Effects.tpa and the menu.tpa - into "JPDS\data". During your first session running JPDS, it's suggested you switch the display driver from Trespasser's Software driver to your computer's own Hardware Rendering driver - otherwise the character Tasha will have broken textures. After this is done, it's suggested you open tpass.ini in the JPDS folder and change "Max Recommended Tex Dim" from 128 to 256, in order to have the full texture resolution used by JPDS, which is important for things such as text.

For upcoming JPDS releases, all you'll need to do is dump the contents of the folder directly into "JPDS", allowing files and filepaths to overwrite.

JPDS: Final Testing Level (Version 3 without broken scripts included in a RAR-archive within the download that could replace the other version.)

Welcome to the final version of JPDS~testing. There were multiple versioning techniques applied to this level over the years so none of them are really valid at this point. Suffice it to say this level has seen many different incarnations and includes many different objects and scripted events.
Unfortunately some of those events are actually broken. There are two or three albertosaur-summoning levers in the level, I think only one or two of them work. Older versions may feature working script for them. I think it had to do with objects being moved around.

Anyways, it's a fun little level that includes the final versions of all JPDS guns, with the exception of ammo counts, but you can mess around with that how you like.

Also, I never got around to it but if you take out the Love value from Pikompy, give it standard hunger/anger and then "float HumanAnger = 0.0", and if the stay-near parameters are not too restrictive on its AI, you might be able to get a working companion attack-dino.

A trigger in the level uses the test SMK so I went ahead and included it. The loading image is found in JPDS. Oh yeah, this level still features the JPDS sky before I decided on pure-fog, so you get to see that ingame.

The funny-looking Sound Boxes remain the fastest way to test sound materials, which you can tnext/tn straight to for testing. Blah blah, new foliage demonstrations, blah blah, don't forget CEntityAttached for some new guns, etc. etc., have fun.


JPDS: Streams/Demo - the first level of this mod.

Summer ScreenshotsNew screens from JPDS~streams, the first levelNew screens from JPDS~streams, the first levelNew screens from JPDS~streams, the first level

JPDS: Plains - the second level of this mod.

<<Drac's Introduction>>

"The InGen hunting parties carried the passcodes for our perimeter fences." ~ Hammond

In JPDS Plains, Tasha has uncovered and used the passcode to the first gate of the Plains Ecosystem Research & Observation zone, having found it with the body of a dead hunter somewhere in JPDS Streams (a puzzle which survives but, obviously, is no longer needed to load this level). With endless stretches of tall grassland before her, she must figure out how to survive while searching for clues to Daniel in this new environment, oddly reminiscent of the African plains Hammond must have been accustomed to at his reserve in Kenya.

<<Notes On This Release>>

This is the second release of Jurassic Park: Dark Secrets, featuring the level known as "JPDS Plains". Since the level-load triggers for the levels are among the incomplete elements, you will have to load this level manually. You can do this from the main menu either by the standard level-load key function, or by clicking the faint "RF" letters on the left side, meant as a quick cheat for devs or sneaky players. To play the new release, open "JPDS~plains.scn".
"JPDS~streams.scn" and "demo.scn" will both open the first level. This release includes additional files which apply needed parameters for playing the "JPDS~streams.scn" version. (Again, those SCNs are the same. The duplication was made to allow the menu to load the first level as the New Game and keep an SCN of the proper name, for reference.)

This level is nearly as large as the entire terrain file for a retail Trespasser level such as Pine Valley, full of puzzles and things to discover. Given more time, there likely would have been some additional material and small improvements, but what you'll find in this level is all as good as finished. While much of it was set up by Draconisaurus, you can thank Tatu for bringing this level to life for its final form, especially as concerns the grassland regions. Without him it would be a pretty dull level. Enjoy!

Summer ScreenshotsSummer Screenshots

JPDS: Trails - the third, fourth and fifth levels all make up this level.

<<Drac's Introduction>>

In JPDS Trails, Tasha has come upon the final stretch of landscape in search of her long-lost brother. Unfortunately this part of the island was not covered in the map she found earlier. Riddled with trails and uncharted passages, she must figure out which ways to go on her own. As evidence begins to mount, she starts to lose all hope that her brother could possibly have survived such a place...

<<Notes On This Release>>

This is the third and final release of Jurassic Park: Dark Secrets, featuring the levels known as "JPDS Trails", "JPDS Hillside Research Station (HRS)", and "JPDS Forest". To begin playing, direct-load "JPDS~trails". The other two levels, "JPDS~HRS" and "JPDS~forest", will load automatically when you reach the positions they should have loaded at - except this loading system is far from perfect and you may end up at a slightly different area from the one where you entered. Life's tough.

Unfortunately, these are the least complete of the JPDS levels, but nonetheless have a number of great things to find in them. Most notably, you will find the Hunters Camp puzzles result in a non-initiated puzzle which would have led you back into JPDS~streams to place Mayan artifacts in their appropriate location, find the "unidentified" egg, and bring it back into this level for the egg-hunt puzzle which is entirely non-functioning. Still, several puzzles and events have complete scripting. With the exception of the egg stuff, HRS is finished. Forest is the level which would have lead into the next parts of this series which will never be made - catch the conclusion to the story soon at the JPDS Conference Room at forums, to be opened soon!

Summer Screenshots

Summer Screenshots

InGen Known Predator Area


A complete credit listing for the 6.5-year project of JPDS is not yet available but should be released soon. Until then, here are the major contributors to this project, from the JPDS Team and others:

**Draconisaurus ~ Project Lead, Writer, Modeller, Level Builder, Terraformer, Texture Photoreference, did a bit of everything and most of the work involved through the years but could not do so alone
**MikeTheRaptor ~ Writer, Spokesman, Assistant Modeller, Music Sourcing & Consultation, Website Designer
**Mickey ~ Foliage and other object placement, Terrain Texturing, File Hosting
**Tatu ~ Object Heightfixer, Plains & Hunters Camp Development, GUIApp Specialist, Developer Communication, Project Completion, JPDS's Biggest Fan
**Second Illiteration ~ Dinosaur Skinning, Idea Bouncer
**TrikeUatra ~ Final Logo Designer, Menu Artist
**Slash_Master ~ Assistant Modeller, Deinocheirus, Idea Bouncer, additional foliage placement
*TheGuy ~ Sound FX Sourcing, SNES Music Conversion, Texture Photoreference
**DemonCarnotaur ~ Concept Artist, Paleo Expert, Idea Bouncer, original JPDS Team member
**JPXTom ~ Old Project Lead, essential in development of original concept for JPDS, bizarre idea suggester, introduced Draco to Trespasser and TresCom, sent entire retail game over dial-up connection, original JPDS Team member
**Ryan Eaglesfield ~ Concept Artist, Assistant Modeller
**machf ~ Dinosaur Rigger, Tres Resource Discoverer
**Nick3069 ~ Ankylosaur Rigger
**hppav ~ Suggestion of Hunters Camp laserfence puzzle
**The Tres Devs ~ Original Trespasser game and assets
**TresCom Ops ~ Hacking tools, early guidance, TC Ops Trilogy assets
**BigRed ~ ATX
**Ma Nature ~ Inspiration
**Nidhogg ~ Gnawing at my Roots

JPDS Beta Testers:


Trespasser (c) 1998 Dreamworks Interactive, Electronic Arts
Used without permission
Jurassic Park (c) 1993 Universal Studios
Used without permission

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