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An announcement for my latest project, an 8-bit platformer/fighting-game hybrid...

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During an earlier stage of development for my game, samurai_jazz (Play samurai_jazz on Desura), it was conceived as an action-platformer. Although it was originally top-down from the beginning, I wanted to try out the whole comic-book look and, at the time, only knew how to apply it to a side-scrolling perspective. Then after several level designs, I decided that I couldn't give samurai_jazz the atmosphere that I wanted as a platformer. Soon after, I discovered 8-bit home computer adventure games...

Well anyways, Jump/Boxer reworks those platforming level designs and mixes in elements from fighting games in a way that many of it's predecessors could not. It's Mechner meets Jaa, and having grown up during the "Fighter's Generation", the combat is designed to work seamlessly with platforming while still maintaining that fighter feel. The plaforming itself is inspired by my real like experiences with parkour and skateboarding and has many tricky jumps with puzzling designs to master.

There will be a playable demo and trailer online very soon. Check back for those and more info. In the mean time, check out samurai_jazz in the link above. It's a pretty fun and challenging game!

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