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Things have been coming along very nicely in terms of getting JBS out there to the general public!

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Since the kickstarter started I have been making sure to check the net at least 1 - 2 times a day to see if my game is getting any articles, videos, etc. done about it. Today I decided let's see what's on the net, low and behold I came across two very new and very exciting posts! One of them was on and the other on, both similar posts but both offer the information to two different audiences. So it was really exciting to see my game posted in these two places and I hope this bit of sunshine on my indie game helps the kickstarter be successful.

This kickstarter will determine my future so any help with getting it funded is always greatly appreciated. Some other news, I released a press package for any places that wish to do articles, reviews, LP's, etc. and you can find that here:

Besides those few things the donations are coming pretty slow right now but I have confidence things will pick up, I have released some new images, videos and download so make sure to check those out! I really hope everyone is enjoying the beta so far and hopefully like it enough to help it become a full game.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news from Just Beneath The Skin.

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