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The kickstarter is coming to a close and I really need your help!

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I wish I could say this has been a successful kickstarter so far but I really don't feel the game has gotten the recognition it deserves this month due to Christmas and new years following. To the 11 backers that I did receive, thank you very much for your time and donation, even $1 makes a big difference.

As the kickstarter has passed it's halfway mark and is coming to a close I feel excited and disappointed at the same time, the amount of effort I put into this campaign was extremely taxing and ridiculous in terms of the amount of time I put in. I really wish I had done the Vlog series I was planning to do so people could see what I actually do all day, which is purely work on this game from morning to night. Perhaps that would have given some reality to this indie devs world, one where I put my life on the line and receive nothing back from the general crowd. Truly being an indie developer is not an easy thing, yet I feel this is great encouragement for me to continue to work harder.

I have heard many say most indie developers don't see very much revenue from their productions, unfortunately that is true if you don't have large connections but if you do, you are bound for success. As a one man team I did my best to spread the word about the game and build the small gathering it now has although it wasn't nearly enough to fill that kickstarters bar!

I will make a vow right now that I will be one of those indie developers who is successful, who sees continues income from my productions (as I don't plan to charge much for them) and can honestly say I make a good living off of producing games as a one man team. This is what lies in store for me and my games, I have no doubt because I have a will that is stronger then anything, a will to be successful.

So let's make it happen, if you could be kind enough please donate to this kickstarter as it comes to an end, share it around if nothing else.

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