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Here is some words i needed to say to you because I need to share it with someone)

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Hey, y'all, been a long time, huh?

I suggest to check out my list, maybe you'll find something interesting?

What's new?

  • First chapter almost done, three(three? what a number!) to go.
  • Added new models for weapons and new textures for citizens(i actually stole it, sorry)
  • Making scenes for npc's in progress(omg really?), but I have some troubles with building scenes.image(bruh, show me who doesn't?). Maybe i'll figure it out later(maybe not)
  • New intro, straight out of the oven, piping hot.

My to do list:

  • Add some details in first chapter to make it look less like a sh*t.
  • Start remaking the second chapter, and try to make it look less like a sh*t.
  • Get voices for characters... somewhere... hmhmhm... where i will get it?
  • Also, why there's so "many" volunteers in here? I "don't" have time to answer everyone!
  • Anyone is reading this?
  • Not forget to do screenshots of what I've already done. I'll do it next time, I promise!

hope this mod gud

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