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Latest News update from the bioh4zard2 team. Information on what we have been doing and how we plan to deliver a successful Raccoon City environment to you.

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My apologies for the delay in posting for those of you dedicated fans who still check this website, I’ve been hesitant to post yet another dissapointing, media-less post for you to read, tut your heads and wonder what on earth is going on.

Don’t worry! Behind the scenes our keyboards and mice are still tapping away trying to bring Raccoon City to YOU! What do we have planned? Well.

First Of all. Have you noticed how incredibly similiar Raccoon City looks to NoMercy? Its uncanny! Raccoon City is a lovely place, filled with ornate buildings and structures, yet there are only so many times we can use l4d urban building textures! Its also raining! Well we DID say the city is raining blood, but this is not the reason, the lack of atmosphere pushed me into a func_precipitation nightmare, In which I’ve very lazyily added the rain, simply because It was BORING.

The lack of atmosphere was a problem, and this too is being upgraded, new skybox, no rain, Newer textures and buckets of models to create an authentic Raccoon City look. Even creepy sound effects, crows, howling wind and the sound of Raccoon city slowing burning to the ground.


We’ve put about a weeks worth of work into the RPD to get it looking totally even more awesome for this new trailer we are going on about. It’s looking even more perfect each time we add something to it.We think you will really enjoy the updated look.


Our Sewers are about at a closing point, We too will be showing this wonderful place off to you soon, and YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE EXCITED ABOUT IT! Capcom Did not do a faithful re-creation of the Sewers in Darkside chronicles, they missed out our favourite parts, and butchered others. Have you always wanted to see that underground cave / canyon with the cable car in 3D? Of course! It’s still in development, but You will be spending some time there while you wait for something…After all Leon and Claire used it, so unfortunatley, its all the way over the other side! Track through the marshalling yard and find your way to the factory, which we are also working on a new skybox for, we cant go on using no mercy houses for ever :P


We are having fun testing the finale for the campaign too. Its no secret as to where it is, if its not in a trainstation I would expect RAGE, so It is, but what you have to do, and how and why will force teams to come up with a good strategy and also offer a bit of a mixed up play for VS.


There is more on the way, I believe a newer artistic render of the campaign poster is being developed, and also some excessive amount of time spent in ZBrush, by one of our team members, for hmm…Well Lets find out later shall we? We also have some more sounds in the mix and hope to get those included into the trailer, or simply for you to listen to.

So keep faith, we might not talk a lot about it, more makey, less talkey. We are trying to get a faithfull RE-creation of a beloved city and bring it to you as soon as we can! As always, If you think you can help out in anyway, don’t hesitate to send us an email on the Join us page!

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for the update, keep up the great work.
I am so looking foward to another campaign for L4D.

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so many custom maps/ campaigns out there for L4D1 pains me that i only have L4D2. time to scrounge up 30$

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