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Can it be? Is this project still active? Yes it is, with some new members, a new engine, and new determination. And art. Can't forget the art.

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We're back, and any rumors of our bodies rotting in some ditch at the side of the road are false. Instead we're fighting off the fungi, rising from our graves like the living dead, and shoving a load of concept art down your throat.

We've switched from the source engine to the Unreal Development Kit so we can create a standalone package, and take advantage of its enhanced capabilities. I'll leave off from describing all the shiny features we plan to use - I'd probably end up confusing myself anyway - and instead spend my time here showing you some of our latest concept art, and a preview of the Chaun Soldier model, which is waiting for you just below.

Chaun Soldier WIP Model
That'll be you, future players.

Medic T-pose
Everyone needs a medic. Trust me.

Blueblood Concept
This guy comes in handy when you need something other than a 'light touch.'

Skinwalker Early Concept
I think evil laughter will suffice.

That's all for now, folks, but keep an eye on the horizon for future updates, images, monologues, and previews. There's a load of backstory and design behind this, which I'm sure you're all itching to hear. Its a whole new decade now, and we're here to deliver.

Mark Stephenson, Writer.


Real cool stuff. tracking ^^

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Been tracking (for a whole three days! :P) but brilliant job, love the (even though you label it as WIP I see it as perfect) Sculpt you have posted up, keep it up!

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