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Unlike other games where slightly better than average common items can be called artifacts, in this RPG artifacts are items that were created by the Lords of Xulima and have unique and extraordinary powers.

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The Talisman of Golot
is one of the in-game artifacts exclusive to our backers. In Lords of Xulima, artifacts are items that are created by the Gods.

Golot, one of the nine Lords, is also known as the God of Works and Dreams to the humans.

The History of The Talisman of Golot:

The Talisman of Golot was forged by the God of Works with the intent of creating life from the lifeless. He was unsuccessful, as only the Lord known as Alnaet has the power to give life to the creations of his fellow Lords of Xulima.

One of the major plot lines in Lords of Xulima is for Gaulen the explorer to unravel the mysteries of a number of ancient places, and search for Divine Artifacts.

The mysterious Towers of Sorcery protect some of the powerful Divine Artifacts.

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