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It is with deep regret that it has come too this :(

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It is unfortunate that this project has been canceled, the Stargate Modding Group (SGMG) have been made aware of this announcement and are sorry to see the project not being able to come to fruition.

The SGMG are hoping that someone else in the future may be able to devote the time to developing a machinima based series of videos displaying their mod "Stargate: Empire at War - Pegasus Chronicles".

Once again I regret to report that the current team of the Stargate Productions Group will no longer be producing the machinima based series of videos for Pegasus Chronicles.

Dreadacide - - 2,600 comments

yes it is a shame... but for those who remember what was going on could have seen this ages ago... as did I

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CKYRules - - 2,470 comments

Agreed. Real life hit most of us :( I as well saw this coming.

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deathil93 - - 87 comments


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Dreadacide - - 2,600 comments

yeah... i would say "damn my apprenticeship"... but with all the money i have made... i dont think i XD
although if to say SOLELY because of the cancellation of SGV and not the money... then yes... DAMN YOU APPRENTICESHIP!

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SCΛRECROW - - 3,491 comments


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