Check what we have done for last year also our gallery here. We are looking for some help.

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Slowly, but we are still working on scars. This year we were very busy and had a hard time at university but you can be sure that we will have finished it before the world ends. Now we are looking for 3d modelers with different experience - those who just started can model low poly object like trees or buildings those with greater experience can work at weapon or models of characters. Please everybody interested contact me by PM or email. I admit that we’ve got art from deviantart gallery. This is because we haven’t got any concept artist in our group so we are looking at deviant for pieces of art which, of course, fit our idea of mod. All of them are authorised by their authors and all of them will be credited. Through this time we were working on maps and gameplay concept. While waiting for more people we’ll be focusing on plot. Soon we’re going to reorganize files and upload our ideas, so watch for update.

Thanks for your attention. Cross your fingers and soon we’ll be finishing.

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