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This is a basic update to what has been going on with TE here lately...

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Ok, it has been a while since we have heard from carnius and we are all getting a little antsy for him to release 1.5 or atleast give him an update. Some people are even starting to really push him into it, and well you have to remember that he is doing this for free and he may be having problems such as his internet is down or maybe he is just really busy. So do not think that this mod is dead because I am sure that it is not.

Also TVP has not released a video in a while and some of you may be wondering why that is, well I will tell you. They will not be releasing any more videos until teh release of 1.5 because of so many unit changes. But keep your eyes open cuz they are label to change their minds.

I am now the manager of the Anti-Aircraft lovers group so if you want to join please do. Here you can post anything about AA such as: history, picture, videos, or anything else that releates to Anti-Aircraft.

Thank you for reading this and stay tuned because carnius has never let us down before and I dont think he will do it this time.

ArmageddonEvil - - 250 comments

O Rly? I am not that antsy about him releasing an awesome new version of his mod. :)

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Smallchange Author
Smallchange - - 2,108 comments

LOL yeah right, you are probaly like a cat on a hot in roof :D

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