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I've had major issues with Hartley since moving to Windows 10. If anyone has any ideas I would be in your debt.

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I've had major issues with Hartley since moving to Windows 10. If anyone has any ideas I would be in your debt.

I posted the following on various sites at the end of last year to try and get some answers. I will share it with you:

I had a couple of Mods that I've been working on for a few years. So, for example Hartley Asylum is one mod I'm trying to sort out. I also had a multiplayer platform for Ghosthunt. I usually use these mods as a platform for the many maps I create.

I was working on this Mod on Win7 for a few years until September last year, wherein I moved to Windows 10. This was a complete reformat - no upgrade or anything like that. I had the mod folder in Sourcemods and always backed it up etc. Worked fine on Win7. After re-downloading Half-Life 2, the episodes and SDK content on Windows 10, I copied the mod folders back into Sourcemods.

Now some of my mods won't load, they black screen and crash straight to desktop. Hartley Asylum works and at first glance I thought it was fine until I tried playing it. The physics don't work and the game sounds are weird and corrupted. Materials are all messed up - a nightmare. Copy it to another clean Win7 machine and it works perfectly. I'm not sure what the deal is here but it's totally rekt my enthusiasm. My backup media is not corrupted - I store two copies, one on a HDD the other in the cloud.

I've tried several other mods (Synergy, PVK, Garry's Mod to name a few) and they all work fine.

I noticed I get errors if I try to run the Source SDK Singleplayer 2013 thingy so I tried validating it and re-downloading. Nothing works.

Really bummed out about this. Had it all singing and dancing on Win7. Literally just copied the mods across and... boom!


If anyone can help, please let me know.

In the meantime, I am thinking about releasing Hartley as it is - In its Alpha state. It's very unfinished and unpolished but I am curious to gather community impressions to gauge whether to continue with the project or not. If this cannot be achieved, I will film it from start to finish and share it.

Really hope I can fix this as I've spent countless hours on it and I would very much like to continue it!

_Ricochet_ - - 201 comments

I had the black screen problems and crash with Windows 10 before as well with some games and mods. To fix this for playing in STEAM I went to the Properties and launch options and manually set the command for what my resolution should be for the game such as -width 1600 -height 900 , hope this helps.

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ferdyfist - - 529 comments

What errors did you get upon running Source SDK Base 2013?

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thedeadcamper - - 16 comments

Any updates or progress on the Win10 issue?

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