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Issues. I've been experiencing tons of them. Ranging from PC issues, Mod issues, texture issues, and various things like that. I despseratly need help :|

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Issues. I've been experiencing tons of them.
Ever since I installed GTA IV on the PC the mod is saved on, A lot of odd things have been happening. Almost everytime I play some kind of game from steam, my PC will get a blue screen and restart. I've got no idea what could be causing this.
Another thing that I'm having problems with is the mod itself;


Since we have a custom AI, of course we -need- a voice actor. I don't know whether a Male or Female voice would be better, But the name "MARTI" seems to be leaning more towards a female. Oh, and since we havn't explaned yet, MARTI stands for, "Mandatory Artifitial Robotic Testing Intellgience"...
Yeah I came up with it in a hurry.

And a third thing. We're planning to have a custom skin for the Character, Who I think we'll call Jessica, but the custom skin for her head will NOT work. I'm not the one making the skin, so I've got no idea whats wrong.
If anybody knows how to help with this, it would greatly be appreciated!

PhyOS - - 233 comments

I always thought Marti was supposed to be male. I don't think it "leans more towards a female" as you say.

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Jayed_T_Skier Author
Jayed_T_Skier - - 130 comments

Well, I don't do much thinking.

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