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Try it. You'll probably won't even get past the knight.

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Once, there was a Russian gaming magazine called "Великий Дракон" (Great Dragon). And there was a column named "Fountain of Fantasy", where readers' game ideas were published. I'm not really sure what the readers were thinking. Maybe they really believed that someone out there will take their story and make a game out of it. Maybe they just had to share it with someone.
Anyway, one of those scripts, by "Dr. Dendy" and Vitya S., was called "Замок злого колдуна" (Evil Warlock's Castle). It was a pretty standard save-the-princess fare, but the authors also included the illustration, which you can see here (on the right):
I've found it about 3 years ago and proposed a game jam based on those "fountain ideas". Nobody was willing to participate.
Last August, it all came together when I found the breakdancing guy, who later wouldn't become the main star of the game, but who gave me the idea from which "Возвращение в замок злого колдуна" (Return to Evil Warlock's Castle) was born.
More on this later – probably.

Enjoy the game.

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