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Here i will talk about my ideas of how the history will work in this mod, but you can post ideas too to help me.

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There are 4 main ideologies.

Parlamentarism is like democracy, it works the same way and the concept is similar, basically the same.

EDIT : Liberalism is like an oligarchy, full capitalists, free market.

Industrialism appears when the Industrial Revolution. Many people wants to improve the world by building factories, a lot of them, and machines that would improve the way of living.

But the humanist dislike that, as they want to keep the human concept above everything, like fighting against this new modern world full of factories and machines.

They want to improve the world by making better laws and better ethics.

For now, humanism works like communism despite being the opposite in theory, and industrialism works like fascism.


After the Great War, France, the Benelux and Germany decided to unite as one country, Europe. But the germans couldn't do anything about that, and now there is a lot of german opposition in Europe lowering the stability.

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The Austro-Hungarian empire got divided in multiple states, but Hungary became an important political and economical powerhouse in the balkans. Serbs, bulgarians and croats united as one slavic country, the Balkan Union.

In the USA, the great drepression made this country to split in three. Need to improve the history.

Chinese warlords got united too, and Japan lost a war against them which ended in a draw with Japan only taking some ports and Korea stills being free.

Tibet managed too get some chinese territories and Mongolia wants to restore the Khanate.

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Japan soon will pay the chinese back, but the thing is Britain.

Britain, aka Britannia, is the place where industrialism is born, All the commonwealth members adopted this ideology, and they will develop faster than the rest.

Bolivia and Brasil, aka Brasilia, set a pact to divide Paraguay and Paraguay and Brasil set a pact too to get some land from Argentina.

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The Central American Union exists, and Peru lost the war against Ecuador and Colombia.

The Ottoman empire got divided in Turkey and Arabia by the British Arabian Corridor.

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british Arabian corridor: it is better to make it puppet along with Egypt.ofc, why British want separate Arabia and turkey? why not puppet Syria and Iraq.
balkan union: the focus is to centralize it, if the ruler is dead then they split. eh its better if the system is like river federation from equistria at war. so, they split and unite because of NF. player more has freedom with it.
brazil: Hm... I dunno. just make NF about conquer South America either by alliance or annex/puppet.
China: warlord united? OK plausible but they will not give up their power, so make three kingdom scenario with puppets for each warlord. then give it NF to conquer China and Tibet. perhaps each for one ideology? eh, give Manchukuo independent for resurgent qing for Non-aligned. then you just choose fascist for west China.
USA: civil war with the south,east and west US. their NF is to unite the US again with each has branch/event to change their ideology.
for Europe give it low stability and danger of splitting depend on events some country will split and civil war or if stability is still low full-blown civil war with each country split.

basically, each country has NF to centralize or unite their respective region for China, Europe, and Balkan. I suggest first you make a complete map for the gameplay first. then focus on developing each region until you are satisfied.
how about Brazil? eh just give south America generic NF to conquer each other.

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Hanntheccho Author

Good to hear some ideas, i will take note of that.
The thing is that i haven't completed the mod, and im working on things together, like i will modify NF at the same time as i modify the map, bc that is the moment when i get the ideas of what to do, doing things.
But now that i read you i will change things on the map first.
Europe is an easy idea, no problem with that.
Brazil is obvious.
North America will get a lot of rework too.
About middle east, i will add more minor nations but i think the corridor is a good idea.
About China, they already get some disadvantages bc of being united, and i will rework the Manchurian thing too.
Every union the mod has will get events if the player does not manage them well, like Europe getting divided in France and Germany or the Balkan Union on Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

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