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Hi everyone! We have some news to show you. Oh, and stay tuned for more news and pics (and videos).

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1) Hello People of the gamer world!

The iphone version will be posted later, the first version we are doing is PC.

NOTICE: if any of you know how to convert rpgmaker VX games to iphone please tell us!

2) We are in need of people who can do RPGmaker VX, here is the list:


scripters (coders)
sprite makers (maybe)

we also need these people:
advertising head
advertisers (follows advertising head)
website builders

3) Awesome stuff:
we are having a contest soon for ideas to the story (ideas for the 'troubled past part', where the main character came from, etc.), we might (I repeat MIGHT) have a contest on the names.

P.S. If you win you will be added to the credits and maybe become a beta tester.

news update: hey guys, i am sorry there has been nothing new for the past few weeks. I was about to post some pics of the castle in a village but my cmoputer crashed, along with everything from the game. I WILL KEEP GOING! But for this game to work i will need COMMENTS! I will also need people that can do the jobs i have previously stated.

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