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The last weeks I was busy implementing a better Inventory, testing some foliage and rebuilding our website.

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Hello everybody,

this article will be a bit longer than the last ones, because I managed to do a lot of stuff the last weeks.

So let's have a look at some pretty cool stuff:

I. A reworked Inventory System

I've spent a lot of time fixing flaws and bugs until I found a good way of integrating everything you'll need while surviving in the harsh arena.


As you can see the health bar is now located at the bottom and your health is also shown by numbers. A hotbar found it's way in the game too, Hunger and Thirst will follow soon. Also very visible are some of the items you can pick up (the apple, the banana and the axe in this picture).


If you get close to an item you can pick up a small box with some information about the item will pop up.


The inventory screen got a facelifting aswell, and here you will get detailed information about the items you picked up. There is also a search bar in the upper left corner and you can sort the items for example by type (Weapon, Armor, Food and Other).


When clicking the right mouse button while hovering over the item a box will pop up if you want to use or drop the item. Both works fine.

And because I know everybody loves videos I made a short one showcasing the inventory (you might have seen it on youtube, I didn't have the time to write an article the time I finished the video).

II. Some Vegetation Testing

I also tested some of the vegetation assets I showcased some time ago, and I have to say that they look really awesome! But I don't want to hold you back, so have a look at the small forest I created (ingame pictures - settings on "epic" - medium lag - middleclass pc).

Veg Test

veg Test4

Veg Test6

Veg Test5

Veg Test3

Nice, isn't it? (Click for full resolution click the pictures).

III. Redesigned Website

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but I redesigned our website. It looks a lot better now and also has a forum but you must register to post in it.


If you need the link again, here it is: Our Website! (opens in new window).

I hope you liked this article, if so please comment below!



The icons should just be the item with a black background they look quite tacky with the backgrounds

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Tobinatore Author

You're right, I'll change them as soon as possible.

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