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A new version of the procedural arena-shooter 'Invaders: Corruption' has been released, featuring a whole truckload of gameplay changes and tweaks with some bug-fixes strewn in. Thus, hopefully— enhancing the experience for beginners and seasoned shooter-fans alike.

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Invaders: Corruption - Version 1.0.4 released.

This may not sound like much, but it is the biggest update the game has received to-date. After recieving lots of feedback and reading around various forums and communitys the gameplay has been given a long hard look. And then lots of screws have been tightened, gameplay elements have been refined - others have been tossed out or completely rewritten.

It is obviously still an arena shooter, but plays quite a bit different from the previous iterations.
Be sure to let me know what you think, as your feedback is what propels this game forward, and helps the game to become better and better.


Release 1.0.4

  • Difficulty increase is much more linear
  • Multiplier trigger-values streamlined
  • Seeds vary 10% more in their difficulty
  • Triple cannon now guaranteed before 620.000 points
  • Difficulty after 900.000 points reduced
  • Moved game-speed increase from 1.100.000 to 1.900.000 points
  • Buffed 'Thrust Boost' once more
  • Small visual fix to the online hi-score list for very long names
  • Improved data fragment shot-collision code
  • Fixed problem where few enemies would spawn, when starting a game
  • Countless other small tweaks

Release 1.0.3

  • The action ramps up quicker, shortening the initial 'stretch'
  • Enemies must spawn further away from the player
  • Fixed monthly scores display not being able to count to 20 (Displayed 21)
  • Improved wording for the control setup screen (Move Up/Down instead of Accelerate/Brake)

As a small bonus, I have— after receiving several requests, added a zip file containing two sets of box-art to the download section. Go ahead, be the envy of your friends and make your own limited edition of Invaders: Corruption!

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