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Introductions! Learn about our current project and meet the team members!

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So, this is TeamSkyfire's group on IndieDB. We are happy join and become a part of this thriving community of indie game developers. While I must admit TeamSkyfire isn't quite popular yet, or thoroughly known, we are a team and we are working on a project that gives us enjoyment and satisfaction. Also, mostly every team member is going to go on to a higher level of working in the entertainment industry, so developing games now is quite rewarding for us.

As for our project, Stasis, which has been in development for technically...2 years now, (A bit longer than that though, due to previous iterations not attempted by the team), has been a rocky road as our team has suffered member losses, as well as team members being busy with their personal lives. I cannot deny the fact that our project has suffered terms of hiatus due to the pace at which real life moves, my own life included. However, development has picked up pace here recently and we hope to get some positive feedback from IndieDB.

TeamSkyfire is currently comprised of four members:

Sokota - AJ Miller: That's me. I have been the leader of TeamSkyfire since it started and shall be till we bite the dust. Which I don't plan on letting happen anytime soon. I do graphic work, game design, story writing, level design, and pretty much anything else that doesn't involve actual programming. I also organize the team's social gatherings. With cake.

Breakline - Seth Weedin: This guy does most of the under-the-hood work; he's programmed most of Stasis's engine in GML (Game Maker Language). He is very good at what he does and puts up with all the menial tweaking I order him to do. He's a great guy and is the backbone of Stasis.

IvorySquirrel - Cody Raethke: He is the co-founder of TeamSkyfire and still programs from time to time. He did all of the online programming for Stasis (when it worked) and helps with other things besides programming from time to time. He is very good with math and is quite a ladies man.

Trevor Lentz: This guy is amazing at what he does: composing music. He's made numerous prototype tracks for Stasis, and is great at making all sorts of musical goodness. He also has helped with voiceacting and sound effects.

So now that you know the team, I encourage you to follow us and help us out whenever possible by leaving feedback on Stasis!

Thanks for reading our small introduction into the big world of indie game development.


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