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A brief introduction on what to expect from this game

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Our pig is finally about to see the light! We'll release some screenshoots and gameplay videos at first, then a beta version of the game will be made avaialable and will be updated frequently. But first, what is this all about? And why is that pig cubic?! Let's try to answer these questions.

Stranded Pigs is a roguelike set in an isometric world made of cubic (and hostile) islands. Our pig must survive through these islands, of course, but finding food and shelter won't be enough. The game requires some strategical thinking: each island has its own goal and the strategy that worked for one level may fail spectacularly in the next.

Image 2

Here we see a confused pig with no idea what to do...

Finding the right item at the right time will be crucial: as the hero is able to carry only three items, choosing what will be needed and what is just a red herring will be of the utmost importance. And let's not forget that a poor pig has to find the time to gather some building materials, too: the player has the freedom to build his own island, where he can find some rest after the dangerous adventures in the hostile islands.

Image 4

Even ghosts are scared of the dangers that lie ahead.

Updates coming soon! Stay tuned.

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