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General introduction, short description of game features.

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Hello, im project leader of Lunar World. I would like to present my idea, which i always wanted to accomplish.

Basic informations about the game

Player will be able to create own character selecting race and class. After completing short tutorial players will be able to choose starting town. Game world is open soo players can travel wherever they want. There is no max lvl limit. Players can also learn all professions, but for upgrading profession to next tier player needs certyficates (bought in craftsman guilds after few quests).

Player can create party of 6 characters. First character is player main character. 5 other characters are npc characters that can join to player. Npc characters got own class, gear and stats. There are also tiers of npc characters that determines stat points character get while lvluping. Captured monsters can also join to player party, they will behave same like npc character. To get npc character player needs to find him or her (in villages, or random spawns on map) and raise npc friendship by talking, giving gifts making quests. Multiple players can raising friendship of single npc, but only one player can invite this npc to party. After npc join to player party he disappear from world map and other random generated nps appears somewhere.

Game is sandbox. Players can do whatever they want. They can craft, they can fight, they can build cities, create guilds, run dungeons and much more!

Class system

There are 3 types of classes:

  1. Main character classes, unique classes that can be choose only for main characters
  2. Npc classes, classes for npcs that can join player team
  3. monster classes for enemies and tamed pets

Items are NOT class-restricted, that means all classes can use all item types, but each class will use each item in other way. For example: Holy knight will shoot divine missiles from rocket launcher while Dryad will shoot dirt bombs to block enemies from same weapon.

Some items and spells can only be crafted (yes, spells will be craftable too!) by one class.

Few main classes:

  • Dracolith - blood of the dragon flows in veins of characters with this class. Dracoliths can craft unique dragon equipment as well as powerfull spells like dragon breath.
  • Shademaker - characters possesed by shadow and dark magic. They can inflict powerfull curses and bring slowly death to enemies.
  • Dryad - child of forest, can summon creatures to help in battle. Can also make unique wooden weapons like wands, bows, staffs.


Lunar World has 8 elements: earth, water, fire, wind, ether, void, dark and holy. All characters can balance between elements raising one in the cost of other. Element values are determining elemental damage and defence. Charcter with low lvl of element will deal less dmg when using attacks of this element and he will also suffer more from attacks of this element.

Characters can have base value of each element between -100% and +100%. Characters starting with all elements set on 0%.

Gear can be enchanted with elemental magic to raise elemental power of character. While enchanting there will be random chance for success. Critical success will give more powerfull enchant and crital failure will result in negative value of element. Enchanting attempts on item can cause item to get negative value of other element too.

Other features

  • A lot of races and classes to choose for main character!
  • Monster taming, almost all monsters in game can be tamed and forced to help player character.
  • Advanced crafting system. In addition to the typical professions such as alchemy, there are also unique jobs like spellmaker, soulcatcher or elementalist. More about crafting in next articles!
  • Repeatable dungeons in 3 difficult modes (normal, hard and nightmare). Each mode gives other challenge.
  • Player own land. Players will be able to buy own land and build whatever they want on it. They can build small house, farm or even entire living city with npcs, shops, taverns and more! There will be entire article about player own land soon.
  • Fractions and alliance battles.
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DunerBlaster (the OP) is a failed artist who tries to pass off AI art as her own.

Because of the lack of engagement, she has begun posting pro-Chinese propaganda as part of her application to the Wumao 50 Cent Army.

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