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Core features announcement and also the very first alpha gameplay reveal!

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Hello everyone!

Today we want not only to share with you our aplha teaser, but also announce what Stoneshard will exactly be about. That was pretty obscure previously, and many people questioned what distinguishes us from tons of other roguelikes, roguelikelikes and roguelites. Time for answers!

Stoneshard is a turn-based roguelike RPG with survival and strategy elements. Set off on a perilous journey across the procedurally generated world, while various followers flock under your banners. You will have to face not only hundreds of foes but also pain, hunger, fear and internal disputes.

Explore mysterious dungeons, ancient forests and lively towns. Manage the caravan of contentious allies. Join intense battles against unpredictable enemies. Put an end to the war or plunge the world into even deeper chaos.

Core features

Procedural generation. Global map, locations, events, potions and some items are generated all over again at each new walkthrough.

Two-layered gameplay. Travel across the global map as a part of your own caravan and descend into dungeons alone.

Caravan. Develop it, find new allies and persuade them to join you. Keep up the loyalty and solve conflicts: followers interact differently with character and among themselves.

In-depth health system. Besides the death from damage there are other ways to die. Struggle against hunger, thirst, intoxication, pain, injuries, fear and insanity.

Role playing system. Develop dozens of attributes, learn plenty of new skills, obtain habits, bents and phobias.

Pantheon. Keep in balance between several rival deities or choose one patron. Get terrifying might for even more terrifying price.

Combat system. Try the vast arsenal of hundreds types of weaponry, equipment and consumables. Take part in an honest combat, kill stealthily or cast the might of spells upon the enemies.

Reasonable permadeath. Character has only one try. But his death doesn't mean the end of the game - take control over another character, thus saving part of a previous progress.


Looks like a great start. Good luck!

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