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Some Insight into the Mod's Future and what to expect from me in terms of updates.

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Greetings! I assume that you're curious what this mod is about and the direction it's taking.

Doom Payne is my very first gameplay mod, this mod intends to replicate the Gunplay and Mechanics from the 2001 Classic Max Payne into Doom, similarly to other mods like Duke it Out in Doom and Ultra Crispy were, while also taking my own liberties and still remain faithful to the original game's Source Material, I'm also aiming for really big attention to detail, might be unnecessary fluff, but will be part of my vision of wanting to make this mod be as neat as possible with details.

It's been in development for three months and I am slowly learning new things with it, I was a bit quiet about this mod until PCGamer covered my mod in an article, which brought a lot of new eyes on this mod, which left me surprised, but ultimately happy to see more people interested in my mod, so this is pretty much why this ModDB Page exists now!

Planned Files for Release

Screenshot Doom 20220710 045613

  • The Mod in a Folder Format (For who wants to temper with the mod or create new branches of it on release)
  • a PK3 File of the Mod
  • An Optional PK3 file that replaces some of Doom's Default Music with soundtracks from Max Payne, in a similar way to what Half-Payne did.

Since I have a lot of eyes on me now with an article from PCGamer, I am slowing down updates to keep the hype going and to keep most weapons and features secret.

Now, you may be asking: When is it coming out? Not anytime soon, There's still a lot to be worked on with this mod and it still isn't finished enough to be ready for a release, it hasn't gotten off the ground of unfinished since I still haven't implemented all guns to the mod. However, all core mechanics and some of the weapons are in place and development has been quite smooth lately, so fingers crossed that it stays consistently smooth for a speedier release.

Also, as a last note, I want to thank fellow Modders @Xortts from this site for the Bullet Time, DenisBelmondo from the ZDoom Forums for the enemy projectiles and SnakieJakie from Twitter and the ZDoom Forums for some help with coding, without some of their creations, this mod's creation wouldn't be possible if they didn't give me permission to use the Bullet Time and Enemy projectiles as built in mods. Make sure to check their content out too.

In the meantime, all I will ask of you, the reader is be patient. Development speed may vary depending if I am caught up with personal life stuff or if I'm not in the mood for it, I have no exact schedule to work on this mod and I have no fixed deadline, so keep that in mind. However, I will make sure that I always bring new updates to the table to assure everyone that the mod is still alive and kicking.

Another Side Note: Please, keep your expectations low, while this is essentially a passion project and I do have good faith of a relatively good reception, remember that this is also the product of a first timer, it's definitely not perfect and I am still learning as I make, some things you see in screenshots may differ in the final release too as this mod is constantly changing by every time I develop it.

Thank you to who reads this article and I hope everyone enjoys this mod once it's done.


Looks interesting!

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One of my all time favorites, in Doom!


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