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We're proud to announce our newest project - Zombie Game!

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We're proud to announce our newest project - Zombie Game!

We've put SpaceGame on the backburner to work on a small, fun 2D top-down shooter. Zombie Game is the story of a nameless survivor in an empty world with nothing but the clothes on his back and a loaded pistol to make it through the day. Also, everyone else became zombies somehow and he has to fight them, or they'll eat him or something. You know the drill.

The game currently has 2 game modes:

  • Endless: A small map with an endless supply of mindless killing machines for you to mindlessly kill. Powerups like the Minigun and SMG help your waveclear significantly.
  • StuckInTheMud: A test for yer' clickin' hand. As the name implies, you're stuck in the mud. You cannot move. And you'll probably get RSI if you play for too long.

We plan on adding 2 additional modes:

  • Survival: Survive by finding food, water and ammunition. Build shelter to protect you at night. This is essentially the "story" or "campaign" mode.
  • Arcade: Like Endless. Except crazy. Or something like that.

We've put just over a month into development of this game so far, and it has a long way to come yet, but please enjoy. And, as always, if you find any bugs at all with the current build, as simple as it may be, report them here. It is better to catch even the smallest of bugs as soon as possible. We rely greatly on the communities feedback, suggestions and reports of bugs.

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