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Military-Security-Deniable-Operatives-System Is a New Combat Mechanic for Fallout: Tame The Wastes In simplest terms it is a Paper-rock-Scissors Combat Relationship.

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MSDOS Combat


In it's most basic terms it is a combat relation system like Rock/Paper/Scissors.

The Relationship is a Follows:

Military Beats Security

Security Beats DOps

DOps Beats Military

 photo militarybadge_zps12aaaddb.pngMilitary:  photo Military1_zps33d5be99.jpg

These are the kinds of forces trained to fight conventional war and represent the majority of units currently in the game.
Capable of Capturing Enemy Cities
once the appropriate technology has been researched.

 photo Securitybadge_zps96dcb9d2.pngSecurity:  photo Security1_zps05c1ecbb.jpg

These represent your Police and Protector Types, that can hunt down and discover Invisible DOps Units
As well as providing 'Military Happiness' through protection and oppression when stationed in cities.

 photo OperativeBadge_zps11fba44d.pngDeniable Operatives:  photo Operative1_zpsae52245d.jpg

These represent your Mercenary, Black Ops and Undesirable types.
Deployed as Deniable Assets
who can enter enemy territory, fight and cause destruction and mischief without declaring war and without connection to their 'Sponsoring Faction'.
Many of these units are invisible to all but Security Forces.
They will be able to employ guerilla style ambush tactics to overcome enemies of superior strength, using hills and forests and urban environments to conduct ruthless hit and run missions.


Each Combat Type
Currently has a 25% Strength Modifier
both Positive and Negative against their counterparts.
 photo Operative_zps3e45387d.jpg
 photo Security_zps6840a0d5.jpg
 photo Military_zps26d734ed.jpg

Border Security

Borders are no longer as secure as they once were.
Deniable Operatives can now enter any factions territory
regardless of whether they are at
Peace or War
If you want a secure border, YOU have to make it secure.
New Improvements such as Watch Towers increase the site range of units stationed within them.
So to guard against univited guests you will need to station security personnel at key locations and intervals to stop trespassers and guard again Black Operations.

Order and Chaos

This System is being developed to try and create a more realistic environment in establishing Law and Order in a World of Lawlessness and Chaos!
Violence Reigns Supreme
No One Is Safe
You will be forced to make difficult decisions about what to protect in the early days of your faction.
Will protect your Workforce, Your Most Productive Improvements, or Your Resources?
Will you simply hide behind your walls and watch it all burn?
Will you be the one Terrorising and Destroying Civilization in the Wastes?
We are working towards creating an environment where you cannot have it all and will be forced to make tough decisions on your path to
Taming the Wastes



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