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Collect and switch up heroes in HOARDCORE DUNGEONS, currently on Kickstarter. Build parties, battle hoards of enemies, and upgrade your favorite characters.

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A Fantasy Land Of Mysteries And Treasures

Deep underground in a place forgotten by most, rumors are circulating of an incredible relic more valuable than anything gold can buy. A fabled object buried deeper than the furthest depths to hide its power. Once quiet settlements within the caverns are stirring with trouble as all manner of adventurers and fools plunge below in search of such a mythical item. All manner of beasts roam this dark subterranean world, so our would-be treasure hunters will have to work together to stand a chance at finding the fabled Hoardcore.

A peek into just one of the many levels coming.

Collect, Upgrade, Switch

Assemble parties of up to three heroes to brave the cavernous depths. Every character has completely unique abilities, weapons, and upgrades. Find amazing synergies for the ultimate combination or test your skills by only using a single hero, it's all up to you. As you play with each character they will gain experience and level up allowing you to use even more devastating moves to vanquish your foes! The fun of playing in a group isn't limited to the screen, three player drop-in drop-out local co-op will be available for you to enjoy! Want to see gameplay in action? View the first ten minutes here!

Making quick work of goblins has never been easier!

Completion Draws Near

This game has been in production for almost a year by a group of three students from Middlesbrough, England. This Kickstarter is to fund the final stretch of their journey before a planned release in September of this year. As the game nears its final week of crowdfunding, now is time to take advantage of its exclusive backer rewards.

For more information check out the Kickstarter, website, or Facebook!

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