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Hello, my name is PlayMann. You may already recognize me but therEs no talking for now, we'VE got a work (?!).

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My group(?) is specially targeted at making add-ons for your Half-Life client and doing what you never asked for if you know what I mean (No we don't).. And I'M NOT one of the guys who wants to create his own Half-Life Alpha/Beta experience (how the fuck did he even think of this?). I will also make some tutorials so you will be in drought place (Didn't happened at all). I hope this was for it now, now I'm going to get started and hopefully make something (nope). I will give you in the future more pieces of information. Stay tuned and have a patience (Excuse to just shut the hell up).

Please, ignore all of this. Whatever I was doing over there I was just laptard. Take this as a more experimental place rather than a shop with stuff to give something.

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