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A game about fitness freak Roach who won't stop running and encounters poisonous flies, attacking repellents and stinking repellents. He has to eat cake by the way to keep jumping!

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Hello, This is our first post here. A quick intro about us: We are Modulus. We love developing games, its our passion. We are pretty much new but hope to evolve soon. We are so excited working on "Roached" from past few weeks. It's been amazing. We are set to release it on 30th November.

Here we want you guys to know about our main character Roach in his own words.

"Hello, Mee Rambo Roach. I stay in the pipe at Mr.Perks Basement. Mr.Perks, hee a good man you knou, I see him everyday, hee like noodles, that’s what hee eats and I too eat noodles that hee flush down the sink in his kitchen to where my pipe is connected. It’s a small world you knou.

Bad things happen you knou. Mr.Perks is dead. The white coat man say hee dead because hee fat and no go outta house. Poor Mr.Perks. I no more get noodles you knou. Only cheese cake. Mrs.Perks eat lot of it. The white collar man asked Mrs.Perks to run and go outta house or she too dead like poor Mr.Perks. But she no run nor go out.

Mee poor Roach oughtta listen to white collar man. I go outta my pipe and run now or mee too dead likeMr.Perks.

But life no easy peasy for a Roach you knou. I go outta my pipe to run and shed some pounds. I get a lotta foes out there. So I carry this gun. That fly my enemy you knou. So I kill it before it kill me.

The repellent attack me, I only dodge ‘em. And those stinking bins, I hate ‘em. I jump and cross ‘em. Good exercise you knou.

But me oughtta eat cake else I no jump. Poor mee.

Smoking.. Aah.. A deadly habit. It kills you knou.

I no give up. I run and run and run to be fit, slim and trim.

I be in play store and app store on this Monday 30th November you knou.

Get me in your phone and together be Roached!"

So that is Mr.Roach. Will be sharing our development and design journey here and also will be soon releasing our trailer video. Stay tuned and stay Roached! :)

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