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Since we announced Desura and more recently Linux support, we've been busy conducting interviews all over the place. Here is a roundup

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We've got a few more interviews coming and I know I have missed some of the earlier ones, but for those seeking information about our plans, past, present and future digging through these interviews is a good starting point. Thanks for everyone discussing Desura on the web, our aim is to be entirely open and honest so if you have questions - just ask!

The Age

A large Australian Newspaper -


Greek gaming site -


English Linux gaming community, part 1, part 2 and part 3


About the mods and indie roots -


To us about Desura Linux, part 1, part 2 and part 3


An interview with Dave Traeger about Mods turning Indie and how we support our community


Interview with Dave, our editor -

Co-Op Reviews

From earlier in the year -


From 2010 -

The Reticule

From 2009 -


How to setup Desura (german) -

We will keep updating this post as we talk to more sites, thanks again for helping us spread the word!

Cheeseness - - 88 comments


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vitorgatti - - 6 comments

I really hope that you earn lots of money from Linux support...
Bring Doom 3, Quake IV and ETQW to Desura and I will buy them all!
I have a GTX460 begging to be used :P

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Spoil - - 2 comments

Unreal Tournament would be nice, too
But what I really am missing are Racing Games like NeedForSoeed ...

Besides keep up the great work :)

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senshikaze - - 2 comments

I plan on buying ALL (excluding the Humble Bundle games) Linux games through Desura, so bring them on!

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*pandabear* - - 123 comments

super dooper wopper wooping cool!!!

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MIEZOO - - 3 comments

what game will be aviable on linux client ?

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INtense! Author
INtense! - - 4,098 comments

we are talking to everyone we can so many will be added

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