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We’re still working hard to get the new build up and running on the live server, but as it has been months since our latest build went up, and as we’ve added tons of new assets and features, it does take some time.

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intelligencebulletingvol02no08 We’re still working hard to get the new build up and running on the live server, but as it has been months since our latest build went up, and as we’ve added tons of new assets and features, it does take some time. We had hoped to have a build up on the stable server (our beta-server) this week, but too many critical bugs showed up during the internal tests, and we need to fix them before we proceed.

We’re attending GDC to do preview-sessions with various gaming media, as well as having some other business-related meetings. So we’re doing everything we can to have the new build up and running before GDC, and hope that you, our great community, will help us populate the servers during GDC, so we can demonstrate Heroes & Generals in all it’s glory. :)

We’ve also made our very first attempts at making some cool H&G merchandise – so far we’ve made of a couple of T-shirts, a couple of stickers and a USB-key, but only in a smaller number. We haven’t set up a shop yet though, but will be looking at this quite soon.

Developer Blogs This Week

“Countryside” Game Map in progress

By Reto.Fleck
“I am creating a new game map called “Countryside”, which consist of a large terrain (4000 x 4000 meters) with a small river cutting through the sloped landscape.” Read More

Team Debriefing


Reto.RedBjarne, Game Director

Reto.Fleck, Level Designer
“Besides tons of bugs-fixing I primarily worked on a new map “countryside” (see blog here)

Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager & Game Designer
“I have been running around getting the system for in-theater Weapon Modifications up in the first iteration. And just now I am getting ready to add the first washer behind the recoil spring on the Thompson and start tweaking the numbers. Also sight values for weapons and some text for descriptions and Fleck’s new map.”


Reto.Hr.Wille, 3D Artist

Reto.Mato, Lead Character Artist
“Tweaks on uniform parts and making and rank insignia. New updated German helmet…”

Reto.Owleater, Character Designer
“Tweaking and fixing shaders. Setting up pouchers and etc. to match weapons and characters.”

Reto.Colding, Lead Animator
“This week I have been mostly involved in capture sessions from our game for marketing purposes and fiddling with different light setups.”

Reto.Dave, Environment/Props/Concept Artist
“I’ve been sick most of the week, but been modeling some props for the village house the last days.”

Coders & QA

Reto.Goonstah, Programmer and Technical Lead
Test, shouting at people, discussing meaningless shit… well also some other more meaningful stuff, but nothing worth of mentioning :)”

Reto.Chrestangen, Flash Programmer

Reto.Placebo, Code connoisseur
* Setting up internal strategy test
* Fixed bugs related to internal strategy test
* Worked on bug related to assault team movement
* Merge meister, fireman”

Reto.Hal9k, Render Programmer

Reto.Ogssan, Gameplay Programmer
“- Did a few improvements to our internal capture tool
- Played around with putting assault teams on the action game map, and trying to explain how the supply lines work
- Finally I implemented weapon modifications in the action game”

Reto.Leto, Gameplay Programmer
“Some effect work and lots of small game mechanic tweaks. Fatigue is back!”

Reto.Murphy, Senior Programmer
“Making awesome stuff!”

Reto.Injection, Senior Programmer
Payment system!”

Reto.Splixxen, Lead Tester
“- Lots of Strategy testing.
- Bug prioritizing.
- Meetings.
- Help adding some props to the new Airfield map.”

Reto.Indusninja, IT Architect
Much of the tasks this week have been an effort to move towards a functional “strategy game”:
- Solving bugs with the “Campaign Browser” screen
- Fixing the character types available in the game
- Updated list of weapons
- Planes can join a battle both as attackers & defenders
- Moving planes while they’re already transporting is not allowed
- Nearest airfield search exception”

Reto.Vashu, Flash Programmer
- Assault team design aligned with Battlefield and Mission detail views on Campaign map
- Maximum length of assault team names added (20 characters)
- Correction to Friend’s List update and status mechanism
- Added information regarding spawn role in Soldier overview
- Added back buttons in various soldier / character screens
- Bug fixes, preparation for strategy player tests
- Internal play testing of Strategy game
- Change war / Logout implemented”

Reto.masterdisaster17, Server Programmer
“Improving logging functionality and debugging database lock manager, Reading more columns of numbers than I’ve ever seen before in my life.”


Reto.Draebesmoelf, Lead Sound Designer
During the week I have been working on the reload sounds for the Colt M1911, the Mauser C96, the Thompson 1928A and the MP40. I have also created and added a lot of new pain and die sounds.

Reto.Lord, Audio Programmer
“- More work on weapon audio code
- Flash site mission view code refactoring / fixes
- Started work on display options for mission list”

Management, IT & support

Reto.Topo, CEO

Reto.Hansg, IT Admin
“1. Nagios setup
2. Leaseweb orders of new servers.
3. Various IT tasks
4. Ordered a new perforce licens
5. ‘Cleaned up’ after the powercut yesterday… :(
6. Checked hosting in other parts of the world.”

Reto.KenSolo, PR & Marketing Coordinator
“I’ve been wanting to make a new VideoLog for quite some time, but various other tasks got in the way. But now I’ve captured a lot of great new footage from our internal developer build and it’s my plan to edit it in the beginning of next week… Crossing my fingers that no other ‘important tasks’ shows up. :) I’ve also been preparing our GDC trip by setting up more meetings, and is preparing an updated press kit for the trip.”

Reto.Salu, Project Coordinator
“A little update from me, the new projectcoordinator at Reto-Moto.
The last few weeks I have been busy attending various meetings involving gameplay, rules and a lot of other cool things about H&G. I have also been looking at nice ways to design our business cards.
Best of all – I got the new t-shirt with the Heroes & Generals logo!”

Reto.Bacon, Support Manager
“-Working on making a larger scale F.A.Q, that should cover a lot of questions from both new and veteran players.
-Supporting all our scheduled play sessions and bringing the reported issues to light.
-Working on developing our Support Site”


The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

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The game is bugged

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Thank you for that amazing revelation.

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game is not released, tester is bugged

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