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How to install the mod and the various steps you have to take to get it working.

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DVD Version:

1. Install the game

2. Look up patch 1 online

3. Install patch 1 and patch 2 (Patch 3 is incompatible with the mod)

4. Create a shortcut to launchUaW

5. Create a folder in your game called MOD and extract the mod inside it.

6. Edit the launch shortcut's target by adding at the end MODPATH=MOD

7. Launch


This is a lot more difficult as I suspect, it has been shipped probably with patch 3. This can be a source of a problem.

Get the DVD version I have shared as Mod compatible and apply patch 1 if you don't mind the bugs and patch 2 if you don't mind the lack of multiplayer but no bugs. You can use the UaW launcher from the Steam version to get rid of the DVD/CD check. Then apply patch 1 or patch 2. Enjoy the mod!

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