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The first hero mode: Kael'thas Sunstrider More information in news

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Clan: High Elves
Class: Mage Blood
Age: More than two thousand years
Information: Son of Anasterian Sunstrider. Powerful magician. Member of the Council of Six
In the battle Kael'thas primarily relies on his magical abilities. But he also has skill with a sword and wears the Fiery Sword Smash, which belonged to his ancestor - Dath'Remar.

Phoenix Calling
The hero is Phoenix, which sent combat units of the enemy. When Phoenix reaches the end, he grabs her and returns to the hero, and then explodes causing 300 points of damage.

Around the hero begins to turn mana, all enemy military units that are placed in the zone of rotation, turn into sheep. The duration increases with level.

The transformation of the Phoenix
Converting the caster in Phoenix. Flying Phoenix will attack nearby enemies. As Phoenix, you are invulnerable.

Fire Clones
Calling the 5 clones of fire that will cause a fire storm in a circle, causing 65 damage. Each level increases the number of firestorm.

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