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News for members who want to plug their game; also, intro to my new game!

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If you guys want access to the group to post videos and news and such about your game, e-mail me at the e-mail listed in the group profile. Give me a link to the mod on this site though so I know it really exists. :D Even if you think something is worthy of posting on this group, give me a shout and I'll probably give you access anyway.

I also wanted to introduce something that I've started a while back. I haven't quite gotten to the development point yet (I'm doing some reading up on Maya and such first), but the game is going to be a Touhou game made with the HPL2 engine, which is the engine used by the game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". The source hasn't been released for that engine yet, but the SDK and config files allow for a lot to be done in terms of custom content. I've already made a simple version of a gohei which is going to replace the lantern (it will be improved :D).

So this is the premise of the game: it will basically be a retelling of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Reimu will show up at the Scarlet Devil Mansion because of the red mist. The difference this time is that when she enters the mansion, she sees that the maids are dead. Eventually, it is found out that Remilia has been turned into some monstrosity, and it's up to Reimu to change her back to normal. I plan on making most of the resources, including the SDM, Remilia and other characters, as well as entities around the mansion. I MAY make an extra stage that involves the basement (hinthint), and I have plans on scripting a danmaku battle cutscene near the end. I will be doing custom music myself, and will be employing voice actors.

This project, of course, will take quite some time, and I don't plan on being done til at least January, and that is probably too generous, depending on how busy I may be. Of course, even though I planned on doing this by myself for the most part, if anyone is interested in helping me, send me an e-mail (the one in the group profile) if you want to help/have suggestions. No matter how long it takes, I plan on making the first real Touhou horror game, and I plan on making it good.

Once I have something more tangible, I'll have a mod page for it on moddb.

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