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Last post, I mentioned that we landed a spot in IndieDB's top 100 Upcoming Indies of 2010.

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If you haven't already, you should hop on over and cast your vote for the number one spot (preferably voting for Snapshot...thanks!). So that we don't feel bad about ourselves when we're trumped by Minecraft, let's take a self-deprecating look into some of the other awesome indies that deserve a look and a vote...I guess.


Overgrowth's open development is much of what inspired our own RAE Day (certainly not to be confused with Rae Days, sorry Ontario). They've been developing some incredible tech. Any aspiring developers should take a look and preorder if it piques your interest.


What's not to like about an incredibly rich and beautiful game laid on a rock solid foundation of classic RPG?


Four words: four, player, coop, heist.

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